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Like all states, Georgia prohibits driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and punishes anyone convicted of this offense with harsh penalties. If you are facing DUI charges in or around Bulloch County, your first order of business should be to retain the services of an attorney who is experienced in DUI defense.

You may think the state’s evidence is stacked against you, but you are never guilty until proven so beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many reasonable defenses against DUI charges related to police procedure, probable cause, technical flaws and errors, breathalyzer inaccuracies, and more. At Gabe T. Cliett P.C, Attorney at Law, we are skilled and ready to investigate and analyze your case to build a credible and aggressive defense.

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Georgia’s DUI Laws

In Georgia, you can be arrested for DUI in the following situations:

  • You blew .08 percent BAC or higher on a breathalyzer test as an adult driver, .02 percent or higher as an under 21 driver, or .04 percent as a commercial driver, regardless of whether you appeared impaired or not
  • You were in physical control of a vehicle while demonstrating impairment due to being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • You had any amount of marijuana or other drug-related substances in your system

Penalties are based on whether it is a first offense or subsequent one.

First-offense DUIs carry possible penalties of:

  • Jail time of 10 days up to a year
  • Fines ranging from $300 up to $1,000
  • 20 hours or more of community service
  • Up to a year of probation
  • A potential drug or alcohol treatment program

How Long Will My License Be Suspended After a DUI in Georgia?

Furthermore, you will have your license suspended for a year. It can only be reinstated after waiting a certain amount of time, completing a DUI education program, and paying a reinstatement fee. Penalties for a blood alcohol concentration of .15 percent or higher are harsher on a first offense. Second, third, and subsequent conviction penalties are also increased with each additional offense.

If you were found driving under the influence with a minor in the car, you may be charged with the separate offense of child endangerment, which can add additional fines and/or jail time.

Is a DUI a Felony in Georgia?

In Georgia, DUI is generally a misdemeanor. DUI can be charged as a felony depending on the circumstances. A fourth or subsequent DUI within the past 10 years is a felony. If your fourth Georgia DUI is also your third Georgia DUI or subsequent DUI within 5 years, you will also be subject to a $25.00 fee to publish a notice of your conviction and your photograph in your county newspaper. You will also be required to surrender the license plates to any vehicle registered in your name. If you were also arrested of a DUI with a child under 14, you will also be charged with the separate offense of endangering a child. You will be charged with one count of child endangerment for each child under the age of 14 present in your vehicle at the time of arrest. A third or subsequent conviction of child endangerment will be charged as a felony and is punishable by incarceration for one to three years and a fine of $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 plus court surcharges.

Our Firm is Here for You in Georgia DUI Cases

Gabe T. Cliett P.C., Attorney at Law understands the high stakes involved in any DUI case. Our team can deconstruct the evidence presented by the state to help you seek a favorable result. We are here to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, hear your side of the story, and to explore all legal avenues in your defense. When it comes to DUI or any criminal offense, experience counts. Our DUI lawyer in Statesboro has an abundance of experience and a strong background of successful results in fighting criminal charges in Bulloch County.

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Since 1997, our firm has maintained a reputation for dependable client representation. When it comes to the future of each client, we do everything we possibly can to ensure they get the best chance to avoid a conviction. Since starting our practice, we have made client communication and clarity our priority. You will always remain in the know as far as the proceedings of your case, and you can count on us to update you with any new developments that impact your standing. With thousands of cases handled and a strong presence in the Bulloch County legal community, Gabe T. Cliett P.C., Attorney at Law is the firm you can trust to protect your future.
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